Setup Guide

Turn it on!


Connect the lamp to a socket or laptop with the provided USB cable. 

The lamp will turn on and the light will blink.

Download app for desktop

Click and download the app for sett your lamp


TwoTouches desktop app

Download the package and double click on the "Two Touches" app.

Open the app, let's get started!

Open the app and first register, choose a name, password and submit.

As a second step, enter the data of the WiFi you want to connect your lamp to.

We need your WiFi network name and password! Submit, we're almost done...

Find the "TwoTouchesAP" WiFi

Take a look at the list of your available WiFi. Connect to the new WiFi network named "TwoTouchesAP"

Last step! customize your lamp

How to customize your lamp

Open your app and go to customize!

You can customize your lamp whenever you like, but you need to complete the customization to connect the lamp.

From these settings you can choose how long your lamp can stay on and the color of the light

Choose how many minutes your lamp can stay on

choose between three different colors. When your lamp turns on your led will light up red, blue or green!


How to use the lamp

Press the button on your lamp to turn on the respective lamp. If you pressed the button correctly, a temporary blue light will turn on in your lamp.

At this point, the respective lamp will turn on.
If your lamp is turn on, it’s because the person you share the experience with is thinking about you!

When the lamp is not connected the light blink.
If the lamp is connected to its own wifi network, the light is off.

If you want to turn off the lamp, unplug it from the socket.

And if you need more information, don't hesitate to ask💫

Find us on instagram or via the contact form!

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